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Digital Asset Regulatory & Legal Alliance (DARLA)

Our Mission

Digital Asset Regulatory & Legal Alliance, DARLA, is an industry group founded in 2018, with currently over 200+ participants. We are actively involved in shaping the legal and regulatory landscape in the blockchain and digital asset industry. With the development of innovative technology and increasing consumer demand for more open and inclusive digital services, it is clear that we are at the beginning of a new paradigm shift.  Now is the time to embrace the digital future. By Invitation Only, its members are executives, senior legal and compliance officers of financial institutions and Web 3.0 / blockchain technology companies.


"Membership in DARLA has been extremely helpful in my practice as General Counsel to Algorand, a Blockchain company. Receiving regular updates in the field, and having a group of colleagues to bounce ideas off of has helped me stay up to speed in this rapidly evolving field. I'm grateful to be a member."
"DARLA is a cutting-edge resource for the blockchain and digital assets community. Each member is a leader in their field and is tirelessly moving the industry forward."
"Being a part of DARLA and working through novel, complex legal issues beside many of the industry’s legal titans has been invaluable to my development as in-house counsel and has helped me take on the role I’m in now. The initiatives of this group are at the forefront of, and will undoubtedly have an impact on, this developing area of law."

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